Founded in Faith

Our History

Centenary Book

Download the four parts of the Centenary Book, each covering 25 years of St Mary's Primary School.

PDF Part1 Part 1: Founded in Faith 1912–1936

PDF Part1 Part 2: An Era of Expansion 1937–1961

PDF Part1 Part 3: A Period of Great Change 1962–1986

PDF Part1 Part 4: Continuing Traditions 1987–2012


Audio Documentaries

Listen to themed audio documentaries with excerpts from oral history interviews with students and staff of St Mary's Primary School.

audio trackTheme 1: Early Days (4:59)

audio trackTheme 2: Community Spirit (5:59)

audio trackTheme 3: A Time of Transition (5:52)

audio trackTheme 4: The Presentation Legacy (3:08)

75 Year School History

To celebrate the school's 75th anniversary in 1987, a history of the school was written by local resident George Thompson. Click here to read an edited version of this document.

PDF Part1 75 Year School History

Sr Patrick Considine
Fr Gleeson letter, 1912
School Sign
Class 1 and 2, 1927